What I’ve Been Playing This Week

What I’ve been playing this week:

Bloodborne: Sixth play through finished! Got two NG+’s on the go, and I’m planning a skill build for the Rakuyo. Really though, I can stop whenever I want to.

Being serious for a moment. Perhaps I’m wrong about this but when people recommend Bloodborne (and presumably other From Soft games) they always talk about how difficult they are and other things related to that. But never do I hear talk of the NPC’s. They’re brilliant! All of them. The locals who won’t open their doors to you sound as you would during something as terrifying as the hunt. And their rejections of outsiders ties in nicely with the item descriptions. The NPC hunters are wonderful. Alfred and Eileen particularly but I would be remiss not to mention Valtr and Simon. Alfred has the best unhinged moment in gaming and Eileen’s heavy breathing after fighting Henryk is a great human moment. Valtr just brims with fire and rage and Simon joins with Eileen and the Doll to form my three Bloodborne nevers (I refuse to hurt them under any circumstances). Actually that said I’ve never hurt Valtr either. Factor in the Chapel Dwellers and the Iosefka saga and it just gets better. When recommending Bloodborne, please mention all of this. And the dialogue and voice acting is good. And not in the “it’s good considering it’s a video game” good but legitimately good. Seriously, it’s an area of the game that’s worth talking about.

But really though, never hurt the doll.

Nier Automata: That’s ending D all wrapped up, just leaving C and E. Well, those and all the joke endings. I’m not getting those ones. I’m going to finish when I can, let it sink in and then get to it. I’ve posted some thoughts before, but there will be a lot to ruminate on.

Neon Chrome: A free offering on PSN. A rougey shooter thing. You know the drill. Multiple floors, perks, permadeath, RNG. The works. I thought it would be okay, but I’ve had quite a bit of fun with it. The weapons are fun and punchy, the boss fights so far have been pretty neat and yeah, it’s not bad. Not bad at all. Also, if you reach floor 3, you can restart from there on the next run, and that’s cool.

There’s a story, but it’s in the background. We are here to shoot stuff, and that we do.

ABZU: I’ve been watching lots of David Attenborough on YouTube lately and inevitably I ended up watching some Blue Planet clips. And inevitably I had to play ABZU again.

I still love it. Just a beautiful game with some amazing sequences.

Absolute Drift: More fun with drifting.

What I’ve finished this week:

Oxenfree: Colour me thoroughly impressed. I’m definitely considering a replay, because there seem to be multiple endings and different story arcs depending on the choices you make. While playing Oxenfree I got a strong sense of the developers nailing down what they wanted to do early on and getting those to work as best they could. The dialogue system, the characters and the story all stand out. And the dialogue itself is good as well, sounding natural. I’ve heard some say it sounds like adults writing what they think teens sound like, but outside of a few lines the dialogue holds up rather well. Definitely a game worth checking out. Playing blind may be the best option though. I’ll say that much.

Limbo/Inside: I started Limbo first but finished Inside first, Limbo not long after. I would recommend both of them (even though by this point you have probably played Limbo). What I will mention is that in terms of gameplay, there isn’t much evolution between the two. Which I can understand. Limbo has solid gameplay and it really didn’t require much in terms of changes or tweaks. But if you were expecting some changes, that could be a source of disappointment. Story wise, the delivery is similar in both games but the content and imagery is very different. I’d recommend blind play throughs of both, but particularly Inside. The entire ending sequence is something special. Bizarre, surreal, horrifying but special.

What I’m looking to play:

Last Guardian: It’s still on the pile of games to play. I’ll get there one day.

Gravity Rush 2: I may be all open worlded out, so there’s a possibility this will sit on the back log for a while. But I had a lot of fun with the first one, so there’s always a chance.

The Last of Us: Bought this on sale. I really should get around to it.

Gifs I’ve made this week:

ABZU is just wonderful.

He asked for more blood.

Pleasant view.

Timing Spin 2 Win correctly is really satisfying.

Perfect placement.

Clashing blades.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Playing This Week”

  1. Whenever you get around to the Souls games, you’re gonna love the NPCs. Dark Souls 1 especially has some awesome ones, and as you said about Bloodborne, the voice acting is top-notch.

    I have to admit, I was disappointed with ABZU myself. It’s not that it wasn’t a beautiful, well-made game. I just thought it was a much less powerful, aquatic version of Journey. Of course the two games are very different in terms of controls and moment-to-moment gameplay. But as for structure and themes, ABZU felt too much like Journey to stand out.

    Oxenfree sounds interesting. I really like a YouTuber who plays a lot of games similar to it, so I hope he’ll record a playthrough someday. And yes, Inside’s ending is something to behold. Even though I have not played the game myself, I recognize it as a classic moment in gaming.

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    1. I am really looking forward to the Souls series. I know of Solaire and Siegmeyer but there seems to be many more. Praise the Sun indeed.

      While I do like ABZU I will happily admit Journey is the better game. Journey is just…just…I need to play Journey again.

      I didn’t expect Oxenfree to grab me like it did. It seems to be a good game for lets playing, so yeah, I’d give it a watch if it happens.

      Inside. I never expected a video game to go from Communist Berlin the video game to the end of Akira. But here we are. Just outstanding really.


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