The Return of NieR: Automata (2nd Play through) and Sekiro is Back (New Content!)

Nier Automata Mark II: The Niering: Two Nier Two Furious: Nier Two Electric Boogaloo: I played Nier Automata again.This was a second play through I always had in mind but had always skipped over until last week.

That is because the first play through of Nier Automata did not go well. Not well at all. I sank 38 hours into that endeavour and did not finish the game. I guess that it telling in and of itself. Me and Yoko Taro’s vision did not mesh, and I walked away from the whole thing disappointed. Partly because no one like wasting time and money, and partly because everyone else was having this amazing experience and there was me, having watched the whole thing crumble to dust in front of me. Nier Automata was later removed from the PS4 hard drive, and I moved onto other things.

Any dancing around it for the last two years, the second play through went ahead, but with a few changes to the first play through. I slammed the game into easy mode as I was here to get my story on. Secondly, I massively cut back on the side quests. I think I did five, maybe six side quests total this time around. One of my main issues the first time around was the side quests. What I found was that while they are well written (some exceptional even), the game play involved was tedious. And eventually, the good writing could not overcome the tedium and that bled into the main game. I lost interest in the story and bailed out.

So, the side quests where cut down massively. The difficulty was shifted down. Did any of that change how I saw the game?

Nier Automata may be one of the ten best video games I have ever played. At least top twenty. While I am going to digesting and thinking about the game for some time, I feel most confident in that first sentence. Two years was enough for the bad vibes to evaporate. And without the distractions of the side quests the main story, the characters and the themes vibed with me in a way that would never have happened without the time between. And it is such a good thing I did not finish the game on that first run. If I did, I would have written off the ending off as a gimmick and nothing more. And that would have entailed missing out on of the greatest uses of the video game as the medium. When the game itself becomes a boss fight, something amazing has happened.

That thinking and digesting is going to be going on for some time, so I will write about all of that later down the line. But I just wanted to get it out there just how much my appreciation for this game has changed from something resembling loathing to something that I love a whole lot. And from not really caring about Yoko Taro’s work I am now most excited to see what he is planning for his next game.

One last thing before I leave – unusually for a game I love so much, I am not massively in love with the game play. At least the 3rd person combat parts. They are not awful – far from that. But I am much more in the Soulsborne and Sekiro wheelhouse than I am in the Platinum wheelhouse. I had to slog through a fair few boss fights in Nier Automata. And I still love it.

Wonders never cease.

Sekiro is back! (and a special mention of a gif I made): Well, on this blog Sekiro never left. But Sekiro has some new content on the way! That is amazing! I am super excited!

Okay, it is not a full DLC campaign. That would nice, and maybe that is in the offing. But we got something, and I am super grateful for that. On October 29th (save the date), we are getting three costumes for everyone’s favourite Shinobi (an interior ministry style ninja style costume, a tengu costume and a mystery costume). One is a reward for completing the game (got that one down already) and two are rewards for completing the upcoming gauntlet challenges. Oh, and there is going to be a boss rush mode.

Boss rush is going to be a blast. I mean, I love playing the game but to fight Genichiro whenever I want to is the dream. I can fight Isshin over and over, refining deflects and technique to a mirror sheen. Getting better at the game I love the most is going to be just wonderful. Hurry up October.

The gauntlets look to be a proper challenge. Detailed information is scarce so far, but at least one is going to involve a run of enemies (probably bosses) with the Wolf only having a single life to spare. That challenge will be a whole lotta fun. Probably frustrating at times, but overall fun because of the glorious nature of Sekiro’s combat.

Oh, and the costumes! I want the Tengu one. If there is one thing I wanted to wear in this game, it is Isshin’s Tengu mask. If we get to wear that, I am a happy camper. Interior Ministry Ninja’s are awesome as well, so looking like those dudes will be swell.

I almost forgot something. We be getting remnants! In Dark Souls and Bloodborne players can leave behind messages for other players. Dead players can leave behind blood stains that show how they died. Sekiro is getting something similar. Players can leave behind messages and animations of cool things they do. Seems like a lovely little touch. And the whole thing is free. I can dig that.

Before I go, that gif I wanted to talk about. This gif to be precise

That is me in Sekiro deflecting an Okami Warrior. It is pretty neat, but not much more than that. Or so I thought. Overall, the views on my gifs in total was 1.8 million (assembled by luck and chance and other such things). I checked it one night, and it had gone up to 2.3 million. I was confused to say the least. I thought a bunch of gifs had spikes in views, so I went to investigate. Turns out, the little Okami gif that could got itself in excess of 500k (591.3K to be exact) views. Where this happened, when it happened I cannot say. All I can say is thank you to whoever or whomever shared it and thank you to all who clicked on it and viewed it. Something I made has over half a million views – it is hard to make sense of that.

It happened a week ago and it is still hard to wrap my head around it all. Thank you. Thank you all.

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